20 Wedding Projects for the Coronavirus Quarantine

Now that the majority of us are practicing #socialdistancing, wedding planning seems like a pipe dream. But it doesn't have to be! There are a ton of projects you can accomplish from your house to keep your wedding plans moving along. Whether you're in the beginning stages of wedding planning or you're closer to the finish line, this list has a project for you! You'll have a leg up once we can all go back to work and school safely. And if you're in the lucky few who are on the front lines keeping the rest of us well cared for (THANK YOU!), give some of these projects to your fiance. Haha! #coronavirusweddingplanning

Research! Use this time to research venues, photographers (try this one...hey-o!), florists, videographers, etc. Check out websites, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other sources. Narrow your list down and make some phone calls! Any wedding vendor would be happy to chat on the phone or via video.

Finalize Your Guest List. This is a big one that dictates a huge chunk of your day. Do the venues you like have the capacity to hold all of your guests? Do you want to invite kids? Do you have addresses for everyone to mail the invitations? Use this time to chat with family to finalize your list and get everything in order to send invitations.

Write Your Vows. If you're planning on saying personal vows during your ceremony, this is the perfect time to get all of your thoughts on paper (or on screen!). Also, working from home together can really tell you what you love about your partner...and what drives you crazy. #relationshipgoals

DIY Detail Craft Time! Thinking about having some DIY details on your wedding day, but thought you were too busy? Now you can take all the time you would have spent out of the house and direct it to more productive tasks like making your centerpieces or bouquets. Order supplies online and have them shipped right to your house, find tutorials online, and craft to your heart's content.

Book Hotel Rooms. Do you have a lot of out-of-town guests who will need hotel rooms for your wedding weekend? Check out hotel options in your town and reserve a block of rooms! Hotels will often give your guests a discount if they book in your block within a certain time frame. Bonus points if you find a hotel that can provide shuttle service to and from your reception venue!

Plan Your Honeymoon. Dream of sunny beaches and cobbletone streets from the comfort of your living room. Sit down with your fiance and talk about your dream vacation. Then come back to reality and look at your budget, how much time you can take off work, etc. Then go back to the dreaming part. :)

Plan Your Engagement Session. We include an engagement session with every wedding collection, and a lot of other photographers offer them as well. Take this time off to choose the perfect location, time of year, and clothing colors. Go online shopping if you need the perfect scarf to finish off your outfit!

Design Your Wedding Website. There are a bunch of options out there to create a free wedding website that your guests can reference and find maps, times, parking info, hotel room info (you did block those rooms, right??), and fun facts about you two.

Create Your Seating Chart. Some couples don't want to touch this with a ten foot pole and let their guests have a free-for-all. But if you are thinking about assigned seating, now is the time to plan! Use the table chart from your venue (or request the layout if you don't have it!) and get planning. Do your coworkers need one or two tables? Will your aunt Martha leave if she's sitting with cousin Dave? Are you having a full head table or a sweetheart table for the two of you alone?

Research Attire for the Wedding Party. Do you want to stick with the same color for all, or mix it up? Will everyone have suits or tuxes? Can the party pick the same color dress with different necklines? Does everyone need matching Chucks?

Pick a Wedding Hashtag. Certainly not mandatory, but having your own custom hashtag can be pretty fun if you're active on social media. Put together a list then have your friends and family vote on their favorite!

Decide on Dessert. Are you going with a traditional wedding cake, or something more unique? Do you want a small cutting tier for you, then cupcakes or sheet cakes for everyone else? Do you hate cake and wish you could have pie instead? Do you want to create a dessert bar so everyone can have their favorites? Will you create a donut wall so I can have one (see #4, DIY craft time)?

Choose Wedding Party Portrait Locations. Are your ceremony and reception in different locations, and you're hoping to make some stops while traveling in between? Plan out those stops! Think about how much time you actually have and what is feasible. Whether you want to go to your favorite park, the bar where your parents met, or even Lambeau, think about your dream wedding portraits and where you'd like to go. If your ceremony and reception are in the same place, is there a particular spot on the property that you just love and want to make sure is included? Let your photographer know!

Design Your Wedding Programs. Wedding programs can be anything from a basic 8.5x11" sheet printed and folded, to an elaborate fan that keeps your guests cool, to one large sign that sits at the entrance to your ceremony site. Decide on your format, get all of your text in order, and design away! Just don't print anything in stone until you know our quarantine is over!

Research Flowers. Work with your florist, or go online, and research floral options for your wedding. Do you want a floral arch for your ceremony? Do you want every boutonniere (yes, I did have to spell check that word) to be unique? Do you want to incorporate special mementos, like your grandmother's rosary, into your bouquet? What flowers are in season for your wedding? What flowers will last in the heat of summer, and which ones are better for cold winter temps?

Write Letters to Each Other. One of the sweetest wedding traditions we've seen is when you read a letter you've written to each other before the ceremony. Since you have plenty of time now, write what's in your heart. Write a letter to open on your first anniversary! You could even write letters to important family members or your wedding party. Even if you think you're not a writer, you are. Trust me, if Tom can write a letter to me, you can do it too. :)

Consider Wedding Insurance. In these uncertain times, many couples are considering wedding insurance in case the quarantine goes longer than anticipated. Speak with your provider about costs and options, and see if it's right for you.

Design Your Save the Dates or Invitations. Research invitation printers and designers, or find an online site where you can create your own. There are a ton of options out there, so figure out your style and what suits your wedding vibe!

Finalize Your First Dance Song. Everyone has a song that speaks to them and their relationship. But maybe you haven't found it yet! Talk with your DJ for ideas, or research popular options online. Go on Spotify and try out a bunch of artists to find your favorite. Don't just go with what's popular on the radio...find something special just for you.

And lastly, RELAX. Wedding planning is stressful on a good day, and the added societal pressures can overwhelm you. Take some time out with your sweetie to watch a movie, take a walk, make dinner together, and remember why you fell in love. Stay safe, everyone.

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