An engagement session is included with all of our wedding collections because it’s the best way to get amazing photographs on your wedding day. Imagine if, on your wedding day, you were already comfortable in front of the camera and knew exactly how your portraits were going to turn out. Instead of worrying about how to pose, you could just relax and enjoy the moment!  

The best part of an engagement session, besides having a fun night out, is being able to experience a professional portrait session before your wedding day. You can get comfortable with our equipment and our bad jokes, and we can figure out how to make you look your best. So by the time your wedding rolls around, we know exactly what you love and how to make you look amazing!

For your engagement session, the only limit is our creativity and vision! Your wedding day is dictated by so many factors, but your engagement session is strictly about you. Lanari Photography has the skills and equipment for any adventure.